Up Close and Personal

My husband says we have no skeletons in our closets because I write about them all! True, life is just fodder for writers. And I’ve had plenty of fodder!

A few months ago a writing colleague, award-winning author Linda B. Davis, asked me if I’d be willing to be featured on her “Let’s Chat!” blog, where she strives to help readers get to know authors up close and personal. So I sent her plenty of fodder!

I’m so thankful she did this, because seeing my own life story on her blog gave me a different perspective. After all, I’m always on the inside looking out. This time, with Linda’s skill as an interviewer and story presenter, I saw myself from the outside in.

Thank you, Linda, for featuring me on your blog and taking the time and care to put all the information I gave you together in a way that reveals who I am and a little bit of why I am this way. God bless you as you have been a blessing to others!

Click here to read today’s “Let’s Chat!” blog. 

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