Saluting My Veterans

Dean at the entrance of the Parris Island, SC Marine Corps Base, where he took basic training in 1968. (February 9, 2016)
Dean stands in front of the wall mural depicting the F-4 Phantom, which he worked on as an aircraft electrician when he was in the U.S. Marine Corps (picture taken at Parris Island, 2/9/2016).
Dean reflects on his experience as a U. S. Marine on our visit to Parris Island (2/9/2016)


My husband, Wilbur Dean Huey, sergeant, USMC, 1968–1972
My father, Sgt. Peter Maddock, US Army, World War II


My father with his brothers, all in uniform, with their mother, taken in 1945. From left: Joe Maddock (Navy Bosun’s Mate), Mary Hrabchak Maddock, Peter Maddock (Army Combat Engineer), Mary Maddock, Nick Maddock (Merchant Marines, oil tanker), William (Bill) Maddock (Navy seaman), Michael Maddock (“Myers”) (Army Air Corps, Aerial Engineer/gunner on medium bombers – B25). “Maddock” was the Americanized name of the Slovak name, “Maydak.”

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