New Book Release

Melody and Don are all set to get married in a country chapel in Seneca Forest. Don’s oldest daughter Carrie arrives from Arizona with one intention: to stop the wedding. Then an arsonist torches the church, with the pastor in it. Now, instead of heading off to the Blue Ridge Mountains in their new RV for their honeymoon, Melody and Don find themselves caught up in a murder investigation and a race to find the arsonist before he—or she—kills again.

Fire Mountain (Book 3 of the PennWoods Mystery Series) will be released on MONDAY, MARCH 8, 2021, in both print and Kindle editions. You may pre-order your Kindle version now if you wish. (Click HERE to pre-order.) It will automatically be downloaded to your Kindle on that date. Below is the link to pre-order.

If you would like an autographed print copy, please email me at Thank you!

2 thoughts on “New Book Release

  1. Suzan Sayres

    I’m sooo excited about your new book 3 series!
    I have already pre ordered it for my kindle!!!
    Michele is an amazing author and her ALL her books are fantastic! Believe me, you won’t put any of her books down till you finish them!!!!
    Thank you Michele! I’ve been waiting for this new book!


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