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Formerly titled “Before I Die”

“Before I die, I want to fall in love again.”

Linda Laverly wants to experience deep in her soul that head-over-heels, I’m-crazy-about-you feeling just once more. Time is running out, she thinks; her sister died at fifty-five, and Linda is just one year shy of that milestone. So she leaves Brian, her predictable, dependable, faithful, but unromantic husband of thirty-two years to try to find a spark again.

Is her quest worth risking her family, her job, her reputation, her faith? As she wrestles with issues of aging and self-image, anger and betrayal, she finds the love she’s longing for where she least expects it. But if she’s to have it, she must make the one sacrifice she isn’t ready to make.

Available on Amazon for your Kindle and also as paperback. A re-release of Before I Die with a new cover and a new title.

New book released

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Reclusive romance novelist Melody Harmon, her career on the skids, flees to her writing retreat in the Pennsylvania mountains rather than team up with Don Bridges, an ex-cop turned suspense writer. When she discovers caches of cash—to the tune of a million dollars—she assumes it’s her late husband’s gambling winnings. Then dead bodies start popping up. Don wants to help her solve the mystery, but she doesn’t know if she should trust him. Can Melody overcome the pain of betrayal and learn to trust before the killer strikes again?

“I was compelled to keep reading long past dinnertime and bedtime. Michele’s vivid descriptive details and fast-moving action scenes kept me in my seat from the first page to the last.” – Karen O’Connor, author and speaker

“In this novel, Michele Huey balances the backdrop of the beautiful western Pennsylvania mountains with mysterious circumstances to produce a Christian novel that will give the reader a cardiac workout. The writing stuns the reader with its poetic turn of phrase, skillful weaving of clues, and loveable characters. This book will keep you guessing.” – Cass Wessel

The first book in the PennWoods Mystery series NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.  

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